Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hey dear friends!! I'm back..

uwaa..lamanya tak update my blog story stop at bootcamp i need to continue..hihi..

Date: 18 June 2011
Time: 8am to 2pm
Day: Saturday
Charity Event with 
Watsons at (Kajang)

The event held in kajang area...and the day begin with gathering with my team members at SEGI College Kota Damansara...we car pool to go there..there were Brian as our pilot..JK as our co-pilot and 4 friendly girls at the back bersempit2 with taufiq...luckily he's just in small that can give us (me..nijuin..dayang n lin) was really fun to have them with me...i feel so bless...thanks Allah for giving such an amazing friends to be with....

We reach the Openhands Home at 10am...while waiting for caroline(nan) to arrive...we have some short briefing from JK about what he had planned for our group in this charity event..he's our leader and he lead us successfully....

We started our charity event with...let them knowing each n everyone of us and what is the purpose we are being there...represent watsons for sure la kan.. we get to know all the kids there...and they were ask to choose kakak n abang to be with...especially to guide them in games afterward..

We are having fun with them..playing around..all of us shared some useful tips on how to take care ourselves..especially the hygiene...and proper way how to take good care of our and so 1pm...we have some short break...the kids having Mac Donald meal...they have fun with us...they enjoy themselves damn much...and they wish us to come again some day...

What i have found out through this event is like...i am fortune enough by still having papa n mama who loves and care for me...but when look at them...i feel so sorry...they live happily with friends but not with their own happy family...I wish that...they will be strong enough to face all the challenges...

I want to see them being a good person one day...before i leave..i manage to give some advice..give some motivational words to them..."being here is not the worsen part of your life but it is a chance given from GOD to make you feel much loved and care from your friends...remember to study smart..and be a Better person in the are Born with your own Uniqueness..Talent..and so on...So BE proud for who u are.."

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