Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kinda Promoting Snowflakes ..

Hai..Hai everyone!!..
Salam Satu Malaysia...tiba2 terfikir pulak nk share with all of you..psl Snowflakes..the place where I'm working now as a Part Timer..
Enjoyed being partof Snowflakes as I myself the fan of Snowflakes..
Have u ever know what is Snow ice? Here in Snowflakes..
We serve the Snow ice as our main menu.. wonder what it is actually?

Let me tell you a bit..about the Snow ice..
It is not an ice-cream, nor gelato, nor sorbet and it's not your ordinary ice kacang. It's basically like eating very cold cotton candy. 

At Snowflakes, we currently feature 11 uniquely flavoured ice and together with a variety of special toppings, we offer up to 21 (and counting) different concoctions for your tastebuds. Its delicate texture and attractive colours all combine to create the utmost pleasure in your tasting experience. 

Plus, unlike most forms of ice cream, 
Snow Ice has less fat, sugar and calories making it the healthy alternative! 
It is a delicious frozen treat. It's made from blocks of premium flavored ice,shaved by a special machine into paper thin ice layered into folds.This is finished off by select toppings. Many say that    
    it looks too pretty to eat! Snow Ice tastes like ice cream but has fewer calories because it does not contain cream, starch, uses less sugar and gives you the feeling of eating freshly fallen snow. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Lappy aku seakan tiba d penghujungnya...

Nk story cket...smlm sdeh gler kot...bole kate kan bad day jgk la...mmg la aku sedia maklum lappy aku ni often meragam,..but yesterday..lain cternyer...nk d jadikan cter..button utk on lappy ni jam! hantar kdai..

 xde cra lain kne bukak je the cover upper side..above the keyboard that bole on manually guna pen...aduyaii...serius...selekeh gila kot...dah mcm lappy tak siap aku tgok..

cdeh laa...lappy ni aku beli bear RM3k late year almost 5 years da aku guna...aku jga elok je..nk kte aku handle ganas sgt..tak kot..tapi wat to do..da nasib...aku teringin gila nk beli lappy baru..

dgn hrpan lappy ni bole past kn my younger that bola la dia guna2...utk serve info yg dia perlukan..bila da turn up like this...i dont think that..bnda ni mampu jam!! jer...ape pon ta bole nk buat...tergendala smua kje aku...da la nk buat thesis ni...lappy ni da byk bjasa..smpai aku nk dpt dgree dh aku hrp sgt...lappy ni msih bole function as usual even physically dah tak smpurna mcm dlu.. :(

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Watsons YOU Awards Grand Finale Season 4 - 2011

Date: 25th June 2011
Day: Saturday
Venue: New Wing One Utama,Damansara

The big day for all of us which is we are in the Grand Finale...!! The day that awarding Engaging Eyes,Luscious Lips,Healthy Hair,Body Beautiful,Friendly Face (Female), Hip Hairstyle(Male), Fit Figure and Friendly Face(Male) winners....there were 24 finalists and only 8 will be announce as the winner represent each category and stand a chance to win RM3000 cash plus trophy and bright future to be the spokesperson for the sponsors products..

As you all know..I have been categorized under Engaging eye category...have to compete with Emmy Lai and Sophia Liana...throughout this Watsons YOU Awards...we have to undergo many types of challenges such like Facebook Challenge..Voting Challenge..Charity Event...and Grand Finale itself...

Grand Finale Begin at 11am..but we asked to come earlier for make up session...the day before and my group members were trying all out to practice our dance lead by JK..we dance in 3 songs...we practice so order to perform well in grand finale...cause it will contribute marks as well...besides,we should prepare ourselves with Catwalk and prepare some knowledge for the Q& A session...

This event gave me some new be on stage...catwalking...performing...and juz have fun with other finalist..everyone wish to be the winner..same goes to me...but what is much more important to me is The Experience matter who is going to the winner...even its not me..I just believe in myself and believe in talents that i have...given from was so precious and i need to use it in the correct ways...

The event was ended around 2pm..I'm unlucky to be the Engaging Eyes winner but i am already the winner in my family's heart...that was such a lovely and motivational words from my mom..Love you mama!! kakak appreciate what all of you done for me...thanks for coming to the finale and giving me endless support..

I want to take this opportunity to thanks all of you...especially my beloved friends..cousins...and anyone who has voted for me...May GOD bless you...and thanks to my dear lovely team members who always here for me in this event and thanks to all my other competitors...for those who won..Congrats babe!! YOU deserve it..YOU Awards Watsons is an awards who awards us based on our the uniqueness..Be proud for who u are ok..c u again next time..i'm gonna miss these things....

Hey dear friends!! I'm back..

uwaa..lamanya tak update my blog story stop at bootcamp i need to continue..hihi..

Date: 18 June 2011
Time: 8am to 2pm
Day: Saturday
Charity Event with 
Watsons at (Kajang)

The event held in kajang area...and the day begin with gathering with my team members at SEGI College Kota Damansara...we car pool to go there..there were Brian as our pilot..JK as our co-pilot and 4 friendly girls at the back bersempit2 with taufiq...luckily he's just in small that can give us (me..nijuin..dayang n lin) was really fun to have them with me...i feel so bless...thanks Allah for giving such an amazing friends to be with....

We reach the Openhands Home at 10am...while waiting for caroline(nan) to arrive...we have some short briefing from JK about what he had planned for our group in this charity event..he's our leader and he lead us successfully....

We started our charity event with...let them knowing each n everyone of us and what is the purpose we are being there...represent watsons for sure la kan.. we get to know all the kids there...and they were ask to choose kakak n abang to be with...especially to guide them in games afterward..

We are having fun with them..playing around..all of us shared some useful tips on how to take care ourselves..especially the hygiene...and proper way how to take good care of our and so 1pm...we have some short break...the kids having Mac Donald meal...they have fun with us...they enjoy themselves damn much...and they wish us to come again some day...

What i have found out through this event is like...i am fortune enough by still having papa n mama who loves and care for me...but when look at them...i feel so sorry...they live happily with friends but not with their own happy family...I wish that...they will be strong enough to face all the challenges...

I want to see them being a good person one day...before i leave..i manage to give some advice..give some motivational words to them..."being here is not the worsen part of your life but it is a chance given from GOD to make you feel much loved and care from your friends...remember to study smart..and be a Better person in the are Born with your own Uniqueness..Talent..and so on...So BE proud for who u are.."