Sunday, July 3, 2011

First Event : Watsons Bootcamp

Date: 11 June 2011

Day: Saturday
Venue: Jaya 33 Square,Section 14 Petaling Jaya

Time : 9am-6pm
Attendant: 24 finalist YOU Awards Watsons (8 categories)

A day before bootcamp, scha already refer to the google map to find out where the place is actually located since scha never been there..tengok punya tengok that map given..still cant get the location...I call and ask my friend and luckily..he know where it is..cause he is so familiar with that place.he gave me the easiest way to go there..I just take about half an hour from my house by using federal highway.. thanks dear :)

On that morning..I reach there almost 9 o'clock.Registration is a MUST before entering any event or function or even camp.So..I did register myself at the registration counter and I got 2 Watsons shirts..I need to change it right after I have it with me.I'm rush and get myself changed into that given shirt...Nice one! it suits me..and starts from there..i get to know lots of new friends..Some of them are very2 friendly but some of them ada jugak yg a bit sombong one..mybe sbb bru kenal kot far...everyone looking nice in that watsons shirt.. :)

The camp begin with the speech from the editor of MYC, Mr.Jason Ko...He welcomed all the finalists.soon after that..we need to introduced ourselves to one another.Then we have a game which it tested our IQ.if we can remember all the names of the finalist we could win.We have divided into 2 groups which we have to guess what is the name of the selected finalist that being present for each group.The game was fun.Unluckily, my team not winning that game..but anyhow we enjoyed it damn much.

The clock turns 11am..the first person who is going to give a talks arrived. He is Bon Zainal Harun.The famous & experienced fashion designer.He gave us talks regarding on Grooming. I learnt so many things about proper attire,shoes,colors,design and the suitable dress or clothes for well as the physical appearance as it may be the first impression once we meet people.ALWAYS BE PRESENTABLE wherever you go. It shows your attitude and your personalities.. :)

The second person came in and she is Stephanie Lai. She gave us talks on how to be Confident in front of the crowd.She help us overcoming our nervous..she teach us the way to deliver speech..the way to talk..the facial expressions..the smiles and so on regarding how to be Confident enough on stage.I love her voice especially when she used her voice during our hypnosis session with her. :)

Its already noon..time for us having lunch..but before having lunch..we have some briefing from the sponsors such as Maybelline,Loreal,Nivea,Horley's,Sunsilk,Loreal MEN Expert,Olay,Gatsby.We get some free stuff from the sponsor.I got Maybelline Eye Studio Brown Eyeliner and Cat Eye Mascara which both are nice to have..Then we have been divided into 3 groups which this group will remain till the grand Finale.Really2 grateful enough to have lovely frenz like Nijuin Chan(Luscious Lips),Caroline Tan(Beautiful Body),Nurfadzlin(Friendly Face-Female),Dayang Nurul Syahida(Healthy Hair),Bran Thomas(Friendly Face-Male),J.K Lim(Fit Figure) and Taufiq Hanafiah (Hip Hairstle)..They are so cool and so good to be friend with..You guys are the best...heart you guys!!

The second last session is a talks with Miss World which is Nadia Heng.She is so beautiful and very2 down to earth.She share her experience and her feelings while she still ine the competition.The last but not least,The World Model Amber Chia came and sacrifice his weekends just to share some tips with us.She is so nice person and she taught us lots of things especially regarding catwalks and the way to highlight our Uniqueness.I feel so glad to have all of them here in bootcamp..Shared with me many useful tips and make me feel more confident in front of the crowd.remind me for NOT being the pengecut ME like before anymore!! :)

Thanks Everyone..Thanks MYC..Thanks Watsons..for giving me such a good opportunities..I enjoyed being the top 3 finalist of Watsons YOU Awards..  :)

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