Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Medley-Mujhse Dosti Karoge Song [HD] Part 2.mp4

After having discussion with the other team members...We finally decided to choose this song for our Music Mid Semester Project since the steps in previous video 
(Bole Chudiyan) quite difficult for us to follow..

This medley song much is easier and fun to dance together..We already practiced for few times and now we just get ourselves prepared for the video shooting that will be held soon..Most probably in next week...

Next week will be the tired week coz seharian practice dancing...Not only Bollywood Dance...but we also do have practice on GLEE-FLASH MOB DANCE...which need to be presented in front public (MSU STUDENTS N STAFF) on this coming 28 April 2011..while 25th April would be my mid semester exam for music theory...

Whatever it is...I always pray to ALLAH...Hopefully everything will be going fine...and successfully done...

Darah Seni..(I don't know what it is in English) that flows in my body hasil kurniaan Ilahi will never ever being wasted...I Love Dancing..Singing...or even Acting damn much...If there is a Chance for me to bring forward my Talents..I will not let it go away....or think twice to take any action..

But...No matter how busy and interested we are to the 'Duniawi' things...We should not forget about Alam yg kekal d akhirat sana...Keseimbangan dlm segala hal itu penting rite? Sme2 lah kte brdoa utk mmperolehi keredhaan dan keberkatan hdup dariNYA d samping mngejar ilmu Dunia & Akhirat agar kte peroleh kenikmatan hdup yg di ingini...Aminn... :)

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